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Control over your money

Modern, straightforward, intuitive: Your Sparkasse’s new Online Banking makes managing and keeping track of your finances even easier.

Benefits at a glance

  • Everything in one place
    Straightforward and easy to use. With features such as multibanking, the financial planner and new configuration options, it’s easy to tailor the platform to your needs.
  • Straightforward and intuitive
    Designed for maximum ease of use, we’ve not just increased the contrast, but also the font size and line spacing. We’ve also made the links and buttons bigger and hence easier to use. It’s also organised in a way that makes it easy to navigate and highly intuitive to use.
  • And most importantly yet: It's TÜV Cyber Security certified
    This means that all elements of our new Online Banking service are highly secure and comply with strict security standards, including in terms of data encryption and our TAN authentication procedures.
  • Easily manage your account online, any time and on any device
    Checking your balance, shopping online and managing your money: Your Sparkasse’s new Online Banking allows you to bank around the clock from the comfort of your pc, tablet or smartphone.
  • Simply log in and get started
    You can log into the new Online Banking as normal with the same login details.
New features

The most important new features at a glance

Take a look at the most important new features to get you started and help you find your way around our new Online Banking.

Take a look at our online banking demo

For a quick look at our new Online Banking: Our online banking demo account.

Easy to navigate

Our streamlined new menu makes it quick and easy to navigate through the new Online Banking. The options shown in the sidebar on the left will change as you navigate through the site. When you are on the transactions page, for example, it will show all of the relevant options available.

Mobile or computer: log in any time, anywhere

Whether you’re banking at home, on your laptop or on the go with a tablet or smartphone, our new user-friendly login page, which will open after clicking on the login button on the homepage, is easy to read and use on any device. To avoid making a mistake while typing in your password or PIN, you can also use the ‘show password’ function. All of your data will, as always, be safely encrypted and securely transferred.

The homepage: clear and customisable

You can now sort your accounts any way you like by simply dragging them to the place where you’d like them listed. The homepage shows all of your accounts, cards, security accounts, insurance policies and building loan agreements. To make sure that you can always keep track of all of your finances, you can also add accounts from other banks or Sparkasse banks and assets such as properties.

All of your transactions in one place and easy to identify

The new transaction list shows all of your account activity in a single place. To make it easier to track them, they are also grouped by dates and shown with the relevant retailer’s logo so that you can instantly identify each one. It is now also easier to search for transactions by date and for specific transactions. All of the actions available for your account will furthermore be shown in the navigation bar on the left.

Transferring money - now even easier

Thanks to the large, touch-optimised input fields, it is now even easier to transfer money on any device. There is now also an option for setting up a standing order and the optional real time transfer feature can be activated with a click. Good to know: The fastest way to make a payment or transfer money is to click on the red button in the top right on the homepage.

All important settings in one place

The settings page is designed for even greater control: This is where you can change your personal details, account settings such as the daily limit, multibanking, pushTAN or chipTAN settings and configure other applications such as the financial planner. This is also where you can configure the settings for your mailbox and account alerts.


Questions and answers

This is where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about your Sparkasse's new Online Banking.

Will I need a new login for the new Online Banking?

No, you can still use your current login details as before. I.e. you can still log in with your existing login name (or legitimation ID) and PIN.

What can I do if I am unable to locate content?

Don’t worry – there is a “Help & contact” link at the bottom of each page that will offer various options for getting in touch with one of our advisers.

How secure is the new Online Banking platform?

Although much is new, some things have stayed the same. That is, our Online Banking platform continues to be highly secure and TUV Cyber Security certified, just as before.

General tips for secure online banking:

  • Create a strong password and avoid using simple combinations such as your name and birth date, and do not use the same password for multiple applications.
  • Always “Log out” when you have finished with online banking and close your browser for extra security. If you have been inactive on the site for a longer period of time, you will be automatically logged out.
  • Do not save your login details on your computer and don’t share them with anyone.
  • Always keep your operating system up-to-date. Always use up-to-date anti-virus software. Activate your firewall.
  • Your Sparkasse will never ask you to enter your login details such as your PIN, a TAN or passwords for prize draws, security updates or any refunds. Hence, always ignore any such prompts.
Can I continue using the old Online Banking platform?

No, it will unfortunately no longer be possible to use our old Online Banking platform, but you will still find all of the same features on the new platform.

Can I use any browser for accessing the new Online Banking platform?

Yes, the new Online Banking platform works with all current browsers. However, you may experience some issues if you are using outdated versions of the following browsers. In that case, please update your browser.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge, all versions up to 87
  • Firefox, all versions up to 85
  • Chrome, all versions up to 88
  • Safari, all versions up to 12
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